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Lawyer of the week: Zane Malik (The Times) 


Supreme court strikes down Home Office's back-door changes to immigration rules (The Guardian)


Supreme Court crushes UK immigration policy (The Lawyer)


Legal framework for immigration collapses with the Supreme Court’s judgments (The Law Society Gazette)


Skilled migrants ruling prompts emergency action (The Guardian)


Hammer blow to immigration system (Daily Express)


The Home Office has suffered a potentially serious legal setback (BBC)


Supreme Court delivers blow to immigration rules (The Telegraph)


Britain's Supreme Court has struck down a key provision in immigration rules for foreign workers (Indian Express)


Britain's Supreme Court strikes down key immigration rule for foreign workers (The Economic Times)


Financial Times: "calls for a parliamentary inquiry…a test case suggests thousands may have been unfairly treated"


The Times HE: "Judges rule in favour of two students who brought case after ETS fraud claims...on hearsay evidence"


Hindustan Times: UK court says basis of deporting students over "cheating" unlawful in a "Devastating verdict”


RT: Calls for inquiry after evidence for UK student deportations ‘comprehensively demolished’


Mid-Day: "A landmark ruling"..."A huge relief for thousands of Indian students"..."Big respite for hounded desis in UK"


The Independent: "Damning verdict could open doors to thousands…claiming compensation"


The Hindu: “48,000 students wrongly deported from the U.K”


The Independent: “wrongly deported 48,000 students”


The Telegraph: Killer of Gurkha's son wins right to stay in Britain


The Mancunion: "Home Office liable for the wrongful deportation of 48,000 students from the UK"


The Gaurdian: “The reporting surrounding Rocky Gurang is the latest example of deportation decisions being used as an excuse to attack the Human Rights Act”